Lars Huismann
Saturday 27 July

Lars Huismann

Lars Huismann started his journey in 2011. His music draws inspiration from various genres such as techno, house, and jazz, which gives his productions a unique and distinctive signature sound. Lars has released music on several labels, such as Soma, KAOS, Voxnox, and Mutual Rytm.

In recent years, Lars has been heavily influenced by the early 2000s techno era, which is evident in his music. His signature sound combines fast tribal rhythm grooves, with sharp synth patterns and a clear Detroit house influence, which is instantly recognizable. The funky and jazzy elements in his productions reflect his background as a jazz drummer, adding a layer of sophistication to his sound.

In 2022, Lars hit a new milestone by launching his Trilogy, "Sounds From The Past," on Mutual Rytm. The Trilogy comprises three EPs that offer a sonic journey through the history of early techno. Each EP represents a different sub-genre of early techno, including Dub techno and Latin-influenced tribal music, showcasing Lars' versatility and artistic range.

Aside from his music, Lars is known for his captivating DJ performances that are a perfect blend of technical proficiency. With his unique blend of genres, and a passion for innovation, Lars continues to push the boundaries of electronic music and carve out his place as an exciting and influential artist in the scene.

Catch him on the Mainstage on Saturday!